Henley Beach


Henley beach is beautiful. And quiet. It’s a bit further north from the more touristy locations, and the water is clear. It has an almost green hue to it as well. After spending time in the Barossa with my friends, consuming a notable amount of alcohol and learning about the unique wine region, I needed to chill. And the beach is the perfect place for that. Luckily, the beach culture here is so strong, that the weather is irrelevant. Even if you go on a windy, rainy day, there is still a cafe overlooking the ocean where you can sit with a nice cup of caffeine.
It was exactly what I needed.
A day with my own thoughts.

Which were actually mostly about wine. Oh well. I’m eager for vintage to start. There is something intoxicating about harvest work that is hard to explain. It’s like you turn yourself into a wine-making machine, who enjoys pressure washing metal, and lives for fermentation. Working 12+ hours a day during vintage actually seems fun, and until you’re on the other side, winding down for the season, you almost don’t realize that you never slept.
You’re a season inspired animal.

I’m ready.

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