How to Order Coffee in Australia

First, this is me sunburned, but happy. I don’t think I’ll be any less pink or red until I return to the Northern Hemisphere. The sun here is brutal.

sunburned summer

Now, on to my musings of coffee. In Australia, you have instant coffee, or you have espresso. If you go to a cafe, then you only have espresso. There is no drip coffee here. No fancy pour overs. No fancy cold brew. They seem to fancy themselves coffee snobs and therefore only serve espresso related beverages.

  1. The traditional latte. My favorite. Coffee, milk, perfection.


2. Their cappuccinos have chocolate on them. What? Yes. I don’t have any explanation for it. They just do.

3. The long black. Akin to what Americans call the “americano”.

4. A flat white. I believe this beverage is actually Australian in origin, thus if you’re here, you had better try one. It’s somewhat like a latte but with a higher coffee to milk ratio.

It is nothing like the weird holiday flat while spiced thing that Starbucks came out with in America. For the record, I had one of those this last year and then was just thankful that eggnog lattes where an option.

5. Iced coffee. Now, this is a truly brilliant beverage, although the name is misleading. It is not coffee poured over ice. It is a coffee milkshake. I repeat, you will be indulging in an ice cream containing beverage. And it’s wonderful.


Okay, what have I missed?

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  1. Joni Sharrah

    It’s interesting to hear how many ways one can enjoy coffee. The terms used sound different, but this is why travelling is fun, expanding our thoughts, and experiences. Enjoy!


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