McLaren Vale

I’ve made it! I’m officially in McLaren Vale, and for those of you who don’t know, I’ve come here for the opportunity of working vintage. This means that starting soon my life will be devoted to a winery for essentially every waking moment. Until of course, the grapes stop coming in, and the fermentations are complete. aboriginal

This sculpture is at the war memorial right in the middle of McLaren Vale. I thought it was very beautiful. The people I am staying with here are very nice, and I was taken on a little driving tour when I arrived to orient myself in the area.

It’s gorgeous. And very close to the beach. An added bonus.


McLaren Vale

It is illegal to take stones off the beach, something this resident clearly ignored for the sake of art. Every inch of this house is completely covered in beach stones. I found it very amusing.

rock house

Now you’ll have to excuse me- there is wine that needs tasting.


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