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Arduous Australia Arrival

You know what you need after an awful flight experience? The beach. Possibly a sunset on the beach. Well, let me tell you, Glenelg delivered.

Sunset at Glenelg

That, my friends is the view I arrived to. But let met just tell you how I got here.

The trouble all started at Seatac. My beloved home airport, where, if you believe the commercials on the local radio, is a place people would drop by for dinner (which it absolutely is not). I got all of my things and myself successfully through security without a hitch, and then I was patiently waiting at the gate, minding my own business. In fact, I believe I was reading a book.

An unwelcome announcement interrupted me. The flight was delayed. Now, this isn’t a big deal if you are only going to be on one flight, but when your layover is 50 minutes and you’re about to board an international vessel, it can be a little concerning.

The unease set it. Luckily, I was one of 10 people who were supposed to be on that very flight to Melbourne. Eventually we got on the plane, and they said that if we boarded quickly we might make up the lost time in flight.

And then we sat. On the runway. Waiting. There was a bit of a traffic jam with many planes trying to become airborne. Our fate was sealed, there was absolutely no way we were getting on that flight to Melbourne.

We arrived at LAX, disembarked the plane and were met by one of those carts that speeds poor unfortunately people through the airport when they are about to miss flights. We got on and were zipped through and dropped at a gate and loaded onto a plane. To Sydney. Right country, but unfortunately the wrong city. But hey, I’d take what I could get.

Remarkably, I arrived in Sydney as did my luggage. A real miracle. Then it was off to the United Airline counter to figure out the last little leg of my trip to land me in Adelaide.

Now, I know that English isn’t everyone’s first language, but why in the world would you let some poor marginally fluent speaker deal with ten upset Americans/Australians? We were hungry, tired, and now playing the communication game while we all tried to make it to our final destinations.

Eventually it happened. I ended up in Adelaide, spoke to a very helpful individual who stuck me on the appropriate bus, and then was guided by an even more helpful bus driver to the Glenelg Beach Hostel.

A night of heavy sleep ensued.