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My Mysterious Life

Well, needless to say, I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a good long while. Nearly forever.
In that amount of time I worked a vintage in Australia, spent a week in Hawaii, traveled to and from North Dakota, spent the summer in the woods near Snoqualmie Falls, and now I’ve just traveled down to Portland to work another vintage period. Good gracious…

I’m going to write a few posts to hopefully give people a glimpse or what I’ve done, and also to force myself into some good old photo editing.

Stay tuned. I promise, as the colder weather hits the northern hemisphere, I’ll post some truly tropical Hawaii pics.

Why is Beach Life so Addicting?

Beach life, island time, being a beach bum. Everyone knows what those things are, but I’d like to know why being near the ocean is so addicting.
And I think I have an answer.
You are forced to be connected to nature.

The waves don’t care at all what you are doing. They are busy doing their own thing, to their own rhythm. They are making their own noise and supporting their own life.
Sure, you might surf, or swim, or do some other sport that harnesses their power, but as a human you are unable to really do anything about those waves.


The tide is also totally in your way. And it doesn’t care either. You have to pay attention to time in a whole new way. Something you created out of sand is easily wiped away, and whole beaches get swallowed daily. And then they return. It’s like we borrow this whole expanse of sand, but there isn’t any bargaining we can do about it. When the tide comes in, you have to get out of the way.


There are so many things that people can control. When it gets dark, I turn on the light. When I’m cold, I turn on a heater. When I’m hot I can turn on the air conditioning. The ocean is different. It’s a whole massive ecosystem, doing it’s own thing. Humans have waged a whole climate war agains the ocean, and are in the process of destroying it, and our planet. Yet, the amount of abuse the ocean has sustained, while still going about it’s daily routine is phenomenal.
The beach is more than just a gathering place where people play volleyball. It’s a place that we come to witness nature.

U-Pick Strawberries

Hahndorf. It’s a little town in South Australia that retains it’s German heritage. Everything from the food to the buildings pays homage to the German culture.

Migrants from Germany settled in Australia as early as the 1830s and started farming in parts of the Adelaide Hills, as well as the Barossa regions. Hahndorf itself is a great little town to visit for food, wine, and to experience some of the area’s heritage.

Just after all the shops on the main road heading west, there was a U-Pick Strawberry patch. Now that I had acquired a car, I could actually do things like pick strawberries and not worry about them getting squished in my backpack.

strawberries strawberries

Plus, they were so juicy! I had a great time. Both with the strawberries and with the town itself.

A Walk in the Bush

After picking Joe up from work, we packed ourself some sandwiches and headed out to “the bush” for some good walking, and hopefully some wildlife viewing. People told us to reward of snakes in long grass, so we stuck heavily to the trails.


This was at the Kaiserstuhl Reserve, which is just barely outside angaston.


I was mesmerized by all the interesting plants. Also, we say some very bright beautiful butterflies. We even spotted Kangaroos! However, the are fast and shy so I have no photos of them. But they were there, and it answered our wildlife wishes.




Lichen are composite organisms. They contain fungal cells in addition to algal cells, or cyanobacteria. These cells have a symbiotic relationship, which means that they work together for survival.

This here is crustose lichen, and you can tell by it’s crusty appearance. Crustose lichen is one of the major groups that lichen can fall into. In this case, the organism is the only thing living on this boulder. Over time, it will break down the granite and eventually render it into soil.

This has been your daily nerdy tidbit.